Negativity Bias

And IYSIYGI (If You Spot It You Got It-I just learnt it recently but it is exciting.

There’s a trend where someone starts a thread, a fairly regular thread for information purposes, seek opinions and comments etc.
Five six messages down the line, TOTAL DERAILMENT. Some specific characters spewing vitriol and insults at total strangers.

Mbona utusi ama kucriticise someone hamjuani? Why react negatively to otherwise good news?
Well, kwa wale always latching on and spewing vitriol or criticising things or just being negative…assess yourself, your deficiencies and cortisol.

Admin allows it! The ones that shock me are those that click on a thread and tag someone not in the thread with vile insults. If this is not obessesive stalking disorder, I don’t know what is. A sad way to live one’s online life.

people who do this have a very low "intelligence quotient " their reasoning ability is knee-high

Never argue with…

Sometimes i miss the way OO controlled his place.

Hata kule kwa Meria, don’t think personal attacks are allowed, he will block the constant offenders. Thereby enabling discussions to go on…
At Nipate…Veritas will not allow it either.

According to @spear the biggest troll of this website is the also owner. So maybe it trolls and derails threads to bait people into useless arguments to increase traffic. What I know is that the troll has many many handles and it sometimes makes the handles argue one another to create an illusion that the topic is interesting.

Hmmm, quite an interesting perspective.

The trolls mostly introduce a gay comment and derail the thread no matter how interesting it is.