Nefertiti and Akhenaten Reconstructed


Black folks

Hii mapua ni yetu… yes Egyptians were black. Sijui hawa warabu walitoka wapi

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Suafeee negroids had a great civilization. Jungu ni theft.

Most if not all of African history is told or reconstructed by the white man, hata hapa kenya which boasts of the origins of man, the biggest drivers and gatekeepers of that are whites, they put in money and resources to do that. we are comfortable sinking billions into our politics and referendums and constitutions and such, but I doubt we can put in 100+ billions in our history or archaeological institutions for research, if we did that we would have our own view of our history.

Black people are amazing, given the right environment they can thrive just like any other race. However, I don’t buy the narrative that ancient Egypt (Kemet) was a black civilization. It’s overreach, please let’s stop trying so hard to appropriate what doesn’t belong to us, it’s embarrassing. Egyptians are Arabs, not black Africans, nope! Stop it.

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Walitoka wapi?? :smiley: If something doesn’t match with reality, then maybe, just maybe double check your hypothesis?