Need Help With Nakumatt Global Card

These people used to be very efficient, but now they’re starting to sleep on the job. I don’t know if the problems with the retailer have found their way to the card or what. Before, I would get a SMS confirmation every time I made a transaction online, nowadays ni kama kubahatisha, sometimes they send the message, other times they don’t. How am I supposed to keep track of the balance in my Nakucard if I don’t receive these messages? Their online portal seems overly complicated, with a message stating that one must log in using internet explorer…??? When I did that, I was shown those captcha images for like 10 minutes straight. Every time I picked the correct images, another one would appear. I had to give up.

Is there a simple way I can check my balance without jumping though all these hoops? Like a shortcode I can send a message to? I don’t know why they make it so hard to perform such a simple task!!
Okay, this is the reason why I’m interested in knowing my account balance. I bought something online yesterday, using my Nakumatt Global card. I then cancelled the transaction before the order could be processed, because the seller started making some demands that I had not been aware of prior to placing the order. Like ati sijui I have to scan my ID and upload it, to verify I really am the person I claim to be, coz I claim to be in Kenya but my IP address points to Mauritius, so they were suspecting some kind of fraud. I decided I didn’t have time for that bullshit and cancelled that order (there’s a 30 day money back guarantee, so I was within my rights to cancel that order for whatever reason). After that they told me they had refunded my money. I didn’t receive any message from NG to that effect.

Today I tried another transaction, on the assumption that I was spending the money that had been refunded. The card got rejected, most likely due to lack of funds. So I don’t know what the heeeooow is going on. Is it that the money wasn’t really refunded…or maybe it was refunded but will take like 24 hours to reflect…ama muhindi ameamua kuchimba tunnel akaingia kwa account yangu na kuvuka na hayo mapeni yalikua humo :D:D.

I see myself ditching this card soon. If DTB doesn’t take charge of its management, then I’ll have to ditch it. Anyone else going through these tribulations? Tuconsoliane wadau.

If you have the PIN, why not check balance at the ATM.

The refund normally on all credit cards takes some time.

I don’t even think I remember the PIN so if I go to the ATM and start guessing then the thing might get swallowed, which might compound my problems. I bought it primarily for online transactions, so those text messages used to be enough for me.

True, but how much time exactly? 24 hrs? 48 hours? A week? What’s so hard about sending customers texts or emails telling them their refund might take upto X hours or days? The feedback has become unpredictable.

piga DTB contact centre watakupatia balance

Will do. Thanks mate.

Na utupe hio kitu!

I once wanted to retrieve a PayPal code from the statement. Called KCB (my Nakumatt Global card is issued by them). KCB told me that they can’t access card statements as it is controlled from the Nakumatt side. I hope DTB don’t give you the same line. Try getting KCB Pepea card. It has more support.

Itabidi bana, nikimaliza kutumia hizo pesa ntaikatakata na makasi niiflush kwa choo.

Thanks, I’ll give that pepea card a shot.

Their service nowadays is very poor…tried to load the card using mpesa got a confirmation message from both mpesa and from kcb only for the card to be rejected due to lack of funds. I had to wait 72hrs for them to sort out the issue as per mpesas side they had already fowarded the funds. I asked kcb card center what is the purpose of a confirmation message and they have never given a definitive answer…bure kabisa

Get KCB card or i&m card

Basi it looks like the retailer’s woes have spread to the card. That is very worrying. I’ve heard people saying the card is still okay even with everything that’s happening to Nakumatt, but to be safe I’m going to have to ditch it. I’ve read blog posts from as far back as 2014, when the card was still new, where people were complaining about lack of customer support. At the time they could have been forgiven for that, because one would have assumed those were teething problems that would be sorted out in due course. I once asked Nakumatt a question on Facebook about some problem I was facing using the card , no one bothered to reply. So if it was that bad when they were still doing okay, I imagine it will only get worse.

I get my statement from both Nakumatt (it’s a pain to log in) and PayPal.

I suffered the same predicament with pepea card. Ukiweka pesa on a weekend, you get the confirmation texts, but nothing gets loaded. Usiwai weka pesa on a weekend kwa hio silly card. I still use it though; until niget a better option…

Time for Equity prepaid card especially if you are equity customer.Free top up Kwa agent - meaning no MPESA charges , withdrawal Kwa Equity. ATM but its limited to 10k.

I believe the 10k limit is by default and one can apply to have it increased, just as with the normal ATM card’s 20k limit.

Not sure about changing the ATM withdrawal limit ,but for online transactions it has worked fine so far.

try I&M bank Prepaid mastercard. you can even topup via Mpesa