Need help with Mosquito repellant

Guys am really suffering here. It Has been raining for a while and this has brought about a persistent Mosquito problem.

I’ve tried spraying Ectomin super™ on walls.
Bolt insecticide but the little fuckers keep appearing,

What do you use guys?

Hapa Dengue Fever/ chikungunya Is real, you get sick but don’t know what it ailing you till you can’t even leave bed.

Net iko, but sio sitting room

I always go for physical solutions.
These canopy mosquito nets are in Nairobi. 1600/= and you will sleep like a king.
They circle and circle looking for an opening while you are fofofo

But even the zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzng is irritating enough. His question is what he can do in the living room.

kuna app ya kufukuza mosquitoes kwa simu. itafute google playstore but ujue inaeza tumiwa kukuzubaisha pia

How the hell does an app help repelling mosquitoes?

high frequency sound

Hehehe nimerukia ugali bila kuosha mikono. Acha nikae kando

Weka ile Mortein ya socket.

this just makes them horny !!

mimi hucheza tennis nazo sitting room na mosquito net kwa kitanda

To me, the buzzing sound of moskittos at a distance is like sweet music. Provided they don’t get to me and suck my blood.

I find it irritating as I am a light sleeper so find it hard to sleep…

You should avoid sleeping early.

I understand you, man. These insects are the real servants of Satan because they infuriate me so much every night and do not allow me to sleep properly. I usually look for tips on which I found relatively recently. In this place, you can find relief from anything, especially from mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are the most popular carriers of infections and viruses, which is why it is necessary to destroy them before they transmit the virus from some homeless covid patient. Use this tool my friend



Hiyo kitu hufanya kazi for the first 60days it so halafu zinazoea…
You will have to keep rotating solutions…

Lakini Anza na kuweka anti mosquito gauze screens on all your windows and doors. And spray them regularly…

Niligundua hizo mosquito huwa active at daybreak and dusk. So hapo ndio you should concentrate your efforts to keep them out of your house …

You could also run your fan at high speed, so that they can’t fly straight or peacefully and are forced to land somewhere …

Washa mosquito coil hivi, plus zile electronic mosquito mats… You won’t eliminate them hundred percent but you will certainly have peace of mind with this routine…

Na uoge pia jioni… Mosquitoes use your sweaty smell and heat maps to locate you and the sweet spot to stab at…

Halafu lastly it’s time you appreciated your important role in the universe as a source of food na upeane damu bila kusumbua…