Need help to change settings for Orange Flybox to use Safcom

Could someone help me with settings (or any other configs) that would turn my Orange Flybox modem/router to use a Safcom sim. Orange data has become a bit pricey and I would love to try out cheap Safcom bundles…



Is that not locked into Orange? I think it is.

Ati cheap safaricom bundles? BANGI ISIWE HURU :D:D:D:D:D


i am on a flybox with 20gb FUP per month limit for 3k and i am happy. was on safcom modem before and it’s way too expensive…

Same case here. Why would one want to switch to safaricom internet?

Orange is cheaper if you pay monthly but not if you buy data on the fly.
1k == 2GB
2k == 5GB

1k == 3GB
2k == 7.5GB

Plus it’s 4 effin G. 23Mbps with 55ms ping.

4G only in nairobi and msa…

Kakamega has 4G, Kisumu has 4G. Am using 4G right now and I don’t live in either place you mentioned.

Niaje mluhya

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Niko poa.

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Meru pia iko 4G or as we call it “Four Ngee”

kumbe?, na hiyoooo…ni maendeleo. wakati Shaftcon waliniitia sim ya 4 ngee waliniambia iko nairobi na mombasa pekee. sikuona haja ya kulipia hiyo finje…

Problem is only Safcom shop has 4 Ngee lines kwa the whole town. My fellow baites are still trying to get what 4 ngee is.

4g is in Embu. I am using the big Bob con more box. It has amazing speeds.

nitajaribu although mahali home yangu iko lazima nizunguke zunguke nikitafuta network…