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If it is on Ps4,hope its 2 player this time round

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I bet i would knock you out like nobody’s business

They are still making these things?

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Weh, mimi nilistagnate kwa Skyrim na GTA5. Ama ni kuzeeka na kumove in na Jazzlady?

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I think The Crew ya Ubisoft had the best Game Trailers

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It looks like it will have always online feature.

The last racing i played and enjoyed was Split/Second. You could trigger explosions and cause things to explode or change entire routes. I wish they had made a sequel

Try asphalt 8 or Asphalt Extreme from Windows store, a great game na pia kuna online multiplayer

He he,maybe if I chose a lower tier vehicle and you a supercar

Wueh…hizo ziko tops!

Why would you do that!

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Hold up wait a minute boy! xbox niggas got sumtings[ATTACH]103552[/ATTACH]

Pick whatever my nigg as long as am on the wheel of a dodger r/t.HAUNIONI…BELEVIE DAT[ATTACH]103553[/ATTACH]

Zilikuwa kadha spilt/second kuna an exclusive ya ps3 cant even rem the name…apart from twisted metal.Then kuna carmageddon and then finally the only game you can identify a racing gamer’s comp …BLUR.One of the best and fun racers ever[ATTACH]103555[/ATTACH] makes me wanna play that shit with crew this weekend

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Here is one of the dopest shit ever lazima ni rep xboners


BIG FAT APE…man that is one sleek as ad

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top comment summarizes my feelings…do you feel the hype.This fucking sneak trailer had everyone hoping for carbon 2 or underground 3[ATTACH]103560[/ATTACH]

lowkey fucks with this hated the no splitscreen shit though[ATTACH]103564[/ATTACH]

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Utastajaabu ya musa.angalia kenye watu hudo from scratch to this[ATTACH]103565[/ATTACH];m=9;s=31

[SPOILER=“blah”]pushed it to the end result can forward through it[/SPOILER]