Need a good office internet

What internet provider are you fellows using at your offices? Are they fast and reliable?
I need at least 10(Mbps?) for some moderately heavy work and I’m leaning towards faiba since safcom seems 50% more expensive
And why are home and office fibre connections priced differently anyway?? Seems home fibre is quite affordable

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unaeza try ata zuku they are cheap but go for higher Mbps alafu u can extend it as u wish, if u go for office fiber be ready to spend

Is your building fibre ready? Pigia liquid simu pia if they are there.

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@Gitonga ebu jaribu liquid telecom

Shukran guys, acha niongee na liquid Telcom

Liquid will shaft you well and good Safaricom and faiba business are welcome expensive but you will get what you pay for and very good support and 99.9% uptime. The reason why business internet is expensive boils down to it being dedicated you get a good customer service. But if Safaricom or faiba are in the area just go for them or else get shafted real well by liquid.

Different pricing comes in because of the sharing ratio FTTB will usually be a dedicated link while FTTH will be a shared link, i would advise you to go with either Liquid ( not sure why kadinal is saying they will shaft you, but I usually have 98% uptime with them or Dimension data ( formerly Internet Solutions formerly Access Kenya ) .

The reason I say they will shaft you is that their price per Mbps is very high Dimension data is good but the guy has not answered if the building is fiber ready


The building is fibre ready I’m presuming cos we have safcom fibre and liquid have told me they can hook me up at that location