Nduthi high speed chase. Gory.


Amebomoa hadi engine ya wenyewe. Just a few hours ago.



Watu wa nduthi ni dunderheads

I place a wager of a 100 Lilangenis, the person on the two wheeled parambulator is a Tyrone

Or @Tauren

Why do dunderhead USA cops continue to chase a crazy man like that? Maybe the guy is high on drugs and chasing him spooks him even more.

The suicidal fool should have crashed into a wall or a lamp post instead of injuring people who had no clue.

Typically police do not pursue bikers. They are no match. Plus its a huge danger to road users. And the guy didnt need to ride that fast. He probably had left police kilometers away. Looks like he was trying to beat the chopper. If so,best option is to head to the CBD or a airport. The pilot cannot navigate across those areas.

Silver lining ,just think of all the tax payers money he has saved from court cases to feeding his arse for the next 20 years in prison !

Watch the videos, the d- clearly said that they decided not to chase him as it was dangerous