NDume kizimbani

When I cleared campus some years back, I came back to my Two roomed house, Senior Mu-Tarah took me for a walk and told me in some nice words I was straying into his Boma, I no longer had permission to order his wife to serve me food nor his daughters, I was given a month notice to vacate his land I left after 3days, hawked for a month with one of my paternal cousin, joined an Ngo for 3months as an intern, and 1and a half years as a program assistant until I was fired for making my deputy director a wenger, he spot them I fuck them.

Went back 2 years later to ask him for my inheritance, having paid school fees for his sons and daughters he bequeathed me a land given to him by his maternal uncle in onether county. Telling me I deserved it.
That’s my Gikuyu dad

nice hekaya. My dad tried to evict me but mum intervened… nikarega rega hapo for another 2 years nikitafuta plan…

Must you wait for your dad to evict you ?

My dad did not chase/evict me…he just made the conditions unbearable for me to hang around. Basically, he withdrew the resources that enabled me to function, so I had no choice but to leave. He provided no cash, gave an ultimatum that the gate be locked by 7PM…nikichelewa nisirudi home…overworked me like a donkey. Akufukuzaye hakwambii nenda.

I had a stall in Nairobi chochoros thanks to the late Karisa, I was earning money while in his compound.

Mine made conditions unbearable for me na nikifanya kazi sipewi pesa eventually I had enough I told him sifanyi kazi zake tena, I started doing odd jobs saved enough money and moved out to tarmac

i will not evict my son out of the only home he knows. i will educate him, set up a hustle/biz for him if I have to. but to throw him to the cruel world just like that without a care where he will land? that I will not do! poleni sana shiney eyed folk if that happened to you.

What sort of fathers do you have there gosh…

My kikuyu roomate in uni used to tell me kikuyu fathers rarely suoport their sons when the grow up…

I thank God for my old man he has never sconed ne even for a day …

Haha… Reminds me after circumcision back in class eight buda alinishw hataki kuniona tukiclose compound otherwise atanivuja miguu juu nanyemelea bibi yake(ferkin bastard). Mind you he was serious. I had to be rambo getting food from the kitchen through somersaulting over thorned hedge for the coming month before joining high-school.

When I was in campus, second year, we had one of those long holidays more than six months. I stayed at home for the first month, then the conditions began to worsen. No pocket money, watching tv all day, being responsible for small shit like why the house doesn’t look mopped etc., nothing disgusted me like being handed 50 bob to go shave. By the end of the second month the space looked so small like I was stepping on everyone’s toes. So I started mjengo work, rented a single room further from home, bought a mattress, and survived until I resumed campus. I vowed to never go back, except to visit.

Sad. I’m older but always feel welcomed nyumbani, east or west home is best

Si lazima mtu afukuzwe but a point hufika mtu hujitoa. When the hormones start raging Na Uko over 18. Kuleta dem kwa nyumba ya babako ni kama kumkosea heshima. Hata kama uko lion/keja/thingira yako kuna vile you just dont feel it’s right. Hapo ndio unatoka na kuenda kujianzia maisha. Home itakuwa kuwatembelea tu

After campus ama?

Key word NDUME. Wewe hatusomi katiba moja madam.

I didn’t leave home because I was broke…after my dad cut the resources…I developed my own…I was making good cash watching movies all day. So he decided to use other methods…like overworking me. I did not see the sense of working for free while I was earning more than other countryheads combined. So I left nisisumbuliwe.

Mzee na Madha walinichuja nikiishia campus. Tangu then ilikua ni fees tu na Salamu za kicolony…

Btw @Deorro nimewai kua kange hapo 125 for two weeks way back in 2011 Dec… :smiley:
Thanks to oldage

Hehehe kuna siku nilikuwa natoka tao nasikia mtu ananiita kuenda napata roomie hapo kumbe alikuwa kange part time. Watu huhustle

Pesa nilipata hapo bado inaniuma sana sikuitumia vizuri hadi wa leo. Ni kweli ile pesa huwa ya masaitan

Circumstances shaped things for me.
I started working in year 1 uni.
Shared my measly wages with my younger bro in college and my sister then in 3rd year at the same uni.
Sign writing in Kanugaga Kawangware for fish and mboga kiosks, bicycle repairs in Langata plus spanner boy. Looking back I am glad things happened the way they did coz I might have turned out different.

He @Tarantinoh! Kuna wazazi wanyama kweli. But sometimes, that adage ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ applies, Mzee hardened you.

I hope you appreciated the land in another county. I didn’t get the feeling that you mentioned it with positive feelings. Mzazi hata akunyime uridhi na amekusomesha, amefanya kazi.