Ndogogio massive

Can you?


40% each, not bad

[ATTACH=full]379406[/ATTACH]Uko class seven ama? Hii kucha imebeba uchafu tupu,makes one look unkempt

Kinyoss umeidentify opportunity manicure and pedicure

Starehe should be moderate sio ati niyakuumiza wewe. Hii ni pombe ya kupeleka wewe to kaburi earlier.

Wanaume hulea makucha hunishangaza sana smdh

That dirty pinky seems to have a sinister purpose. Notice that the other nails are neatly trimmed.:smiley:

sii ii ni kaa tu cham ya hapa,
Gok shud let pple brew their shit in peace badala ya operation kila saa

Is that what its called? [SIZE=1]ssshh your feminine side is showing,i can almost smell oestrogen emanating from your skin[/SIZE]

I have no femine side kiongoss

It’s used to measure/cut small amounts of cocaine and heroin.

Hio kucha sidhani hata ishaiona heroin,let alone coke. Its a butthole scratcher