Ndoa Ikiisha

Exiting a marriage is like stepping out from a sensory deprivation tank - except it lasts years instead of minutes or hours. While inside, your imagination strives to fill the void by projecting onto the space fantastical ideas of what life ought to be like- you exist in a Plato’s cave of anemic bourgeois values - cleanliness, facile moralisms, torpid distractions and entertainment.

Then…as the sun shines upon your consciousness, everything seems to assault you with its sheer dizzying brilliance and colour…everything becomes at once sharper, more distinct, yet engorged with a new life, so utterly and incomprehensibly direct, that to fathom this fresh reality, vivacious in its verdure, you feel drunk, stupefied by the post-Kantian clarity. Numb in the new Noumenon.

It took me a long time to really get over my breakup (I met her when I was 19, she was the first and only woman I ever REALLY loved). What really did it for me was that I had an epiphany… I didn’t miss “her”, I missed “us”, and that was gone, even if we did get back together it wouldn’t be the same thing. Funny thing is, during tat period, I would’ve jumped at the chance to get back together, but she asked me about us maybe getting back together a while back, and I said no.


Ukikataliwa kubali yaishe


Move on niggah wanawake si 12 kama jesus disciples

All marriages are invariably unsustainable.

At 19 then and now you are 21. He hehe.