Ndio nimeanze na malanye

Wazito! Nimemaliza form4 juzi, nataka kuanza kutomba malaya, what are the do’s and don’ts in the game? Sande sana

never use a condom !

seconded…condoms dampen the experience… your risk of std is 0.0001%

You maybe advising your son…remember karma is a bitch…the day you will be burying him, that’s when your senses will come back to your darkened brain/mind

  1. Endea vaccine ya HPV na Hepatitis B kama @Mwanaume Pochi
  2. Weka condom mpangoni na lube pia kama @Kodiaga na @Karoga
  3. Incase CD iburst tembelea kituo Cha afya upewe PEP kama @bishopheahmund
  4. Don’t finger a lanye na usilambe matiti also avoid kissing…uliza @Starscream what happened
  5. Usilipe more than 500 a shot ata iweje… there’s an elder who has spent 1.5m on lanyes sijui ni @MikeOck ama @Baby Panay
  6. Letea elders hekaya kama @Kidinyi na @Mlinda lango
  7. Okoka kijana Dunia inaisha kama @Pastorde
  8. Usitumie sex enhancing medicine i.e blue pills the likes of Viagra ama mukhombero kama @uwesmake
  9. Usichukue number ya lanye kama @Enhe
  10. Hapana tomba a single lanye more than once… variety is the spice of life usikuwe kama @Mzee Mashavu

All lanyes eaters got regrets. Either because of addiction, self esteem loses, financial implications or risks of STIs.
Threads ni mingi hapa ktalk on this

Kama hujaanza USIJARIBU kijana! You will sink in a deep hole that will be very difficult for you to get out.


Na akipata super bug gonorrhea…ile ambayo atatibu untill ages…or hepatitis c or herpes…herpes ambaye itamumunya mboro hadi ikatike…

Ndio maana nimeweka point number 7… alarmist

Don’t start. The earliest you should be thinking about a woman’s anatomy is at age 25. Na sio Malaya, someone you can wife at age 35.

Good sound advice…ubarikiwe mkuu

@administrator tunakuona

Hapa ndo nimejua hii thread ni mavi tupu.

Mse amemaliza form 4 akajoin kijiji less than an hour na hii ndo ameona aulize.

FFS hii 2023 tutabebwa ufala aje?


My son.

(1) Always use a condom and never go for second round.

(2) Never fuck a prostitute after masturbation because you will take long and this is where the condom breaks.

(3) If possible look for your agemate and be fucking her.

(4) Never fuck a prostitute after drinking alcohol or using any type of drugs.


May God be with you.

you’re a @confused villager

for a kamba woman, I must say, you really do give some good advise :D:D

Why should you not fuck a hoe after imbibing alcohol?

(1) Learn how to pick lanyes like women looking for vegetables in the market-The ass should be fat and round, then fuck bigger asses and nicer faces as you proceed
(2) Dont spend money on ugly,thin lanyes she should have a fat bubbly ass and curvy body minimum
(3)Before picking a lanye look at how you can spend the minimum amount of funds
(4) Kissing a lanye is the gayest thing that you can do, unless you want Engineer Amollo,Githinji,Patel,Abdulrazak, a chokoraa who got lucky, a hoodlum’s things in your mouth.
(5) Sex with a lanye should be wild, fuck her hard and spank that ass like killing a mosquito that has landed on a wall close to you
(6)Don’t spoil the market for other men by overpaying a lanye
(7)The certified maximum capital that you should pay a lanye is 3k and 500 downtown

The Blind leading The Blind … :D:D:D