Ndio Maana Wanawake Wanchinjwa Kama Kuku. Mubaba Mpango Wa Kando Amefichwa Chini Ya Bed


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Simply walk away, even if only with the clothes you are wearing at that point in time. Enda kabisa. Men who walk away live to tell their story. Hizi kuargue na mtu that syle zinaeza fanya ujipate umewekelea mtu sucker punch aingie coma for 900 days.


Wandungwe VISU maumbwa

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The men are the ones who should be punished for going after other peoples wives. Just like in nature lions kill competing males, not the female.


bonobo low iq thread

scripted skit



Planteshen = Suffering

Good comedy…scripted

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Mbwa ghasia takataka ya manispa wewe!!! So you be fighting the whole neighborhood, because your wife can’t keep her legs closed, @Electronics4u , patia huyu name tag “master simp”"

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Scripted chieth

@Lionheart mark register.


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Scripted shit

you must have a dismally low opinion of me. Shindwe.

Where you tie a sheet under such circumstances on the ground floor?

Aii, hapana. Where would I put my face afterwards? I have lived a rather adventurous life by some people’s standards, but I’ve never had to flee from, or hide in, anyone’s bedroom–so far, at least, hehe.