Ndio hao Sasa.

Othaya shall be hot today.
When Mutongoria speaks his Off-the-cuff remarks najua ataongea uShienz.
Lazima atukanane.

Au mnaonaje Wadau?

Why do you care so much about a bunch of wealthy guys fighting over family businesses that dont benefit you? Yani naona negroes huku wako invested kwa ushienzi ya Uhunye, Rao, Ruto etc yet those fat cats eat and drink together (or their kids do) wakati wewe uko pale jua kali.

Catholic church sio kama hizo tucker tucker churches za mtaa yenu. Huo upuzi haukui entertained huko.

Manze we are really royally fucked…the threads I see here on this ass sijui Nini on one side na brigade ya jambazi sugu on the other truly leaves me sad…so many choices but most Kenyans(coz for real I’ve come to realise ktalk and the streets choices are same)still opt for the stupidest low of the lowest cess pit meffi as their best choices…man this country and voters are unbelievable

You can say that again.
Ushenzi kenya hii iko on another level.

The hopeless half-wits on the azimio side versus the hopeless half-wits on the Kenya Kwanza throwing insults to each other, while their children are drinking together. In this cacophony you cannot hear the voices of the Kibwanas because they haven’t stolen as much. Cry our beloved Kenya a land of fools led by thieves.

Its like two guys arguing about which VIP will eat the steak at a big party that they are not invited to. By now you would think its clear that political positions only benefit the politician’s immediate family and a few associates. Those are the guys who should be heavily invested in these political shenanigans. Lakini utapata ghasia kwa single room ya mabati pale slums debating with vigor and occasionally participating in violence.