Ndindi on shittyzen

I like the way this young man is handling the ruthless grilling by Hussein.
Behold; here comes the anointed king of Murarandia…er I mean Muranga.

the whole brave narrative was founded on lies na kujipiga kifua

in life, dont jipiga kifua… ngoja wengine wakupat kwa mgongo

Where he comes from is a land of no brave men

and there has never been any brave men

…but they had stories of giants for ages upon ages …they even got it in our books …till they thought they were giants

Ungewacha mtu mwingine a post hii kitu.

Kati ya @digi na wewe tofauti ni nini?

Yani uko hapa na bots za Shina ziko pale kwa fence

Get a wife and some Eight children to utilise your vast “story of giants”…

I missed this interview

Ndindi Nyoro amechunishwa skuma na huyo wariahe kama non.sense… Abana leta brobaganda… kama aguna fuckts nyamaza

You missed nothing. Ndindi was doing what they are all doing, pretending that it is Karanja Kibicho they are against. He was pledging allegiance to Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto every few minutes.
Even Hussein didn’t buy it

One would expect that Nyoro would lay low after his near “kales pinching” encounter but noo.

You can’t fight the government and win

He has some sense of invincibility that soon or later itaziwa. They system is evil and ruthless.

He thinks he is the new Matiba like some dumb talker called @spear insinuated.

Lakni he’s just a coward. I would say straight to Hussein’s face that it’s Uhuru who’s after us. Hii stori ya Kibicho a mere PS doesn’t make sense. How can a mere PS intimidate everyone if he has no backing of his boss?

He is an idiot a first timer in Parliament should be cautious like moha jicho pevu .
Just wait and see atakuwa waititu government if it starts looking for mistakes haitakosa