ndii the ape... gets funding to spread economic ignorance.


There is a reason why Kagame fired him.

Hustler ni wewe. Uhunye left the coffers empty

President William Ruto’s team of economic advisers has been allocated Sh204 million to buy cars, furniture and pay rent, the latest budgetary changes show.
This compares to the Sh7.9 million that had initially been allocated under the Policy Analysis and Research vote in the Executive Office of the President by the administration of former President Uhuru Kenyatta before he left office in September.

Over 45 percent of the allocation to this department, or Sh92 million, will be used for the purchase of new cars for the new officials that fall under the office of the President.
The previous team at the National Treasury led by Ukur Yatani had not allocated any funds for the purchase of vehicles.

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Uhuru was a demon yaani 7 million tu which explains his government ineffectiveness.

Ndii should be allocated 1 billion rachel dorcas na tessy 2 billion per office because after prayers the coffers had surplus.

Ile pesa ya Rustlers advisory team sijui inatoka wapi … lakini mukoro anamumunya pole pole. Kazi ni kupeana coordinates za milima ziko na caves empty zi lipuliwe. Coffers za chief rustler inheritance trust inazidi ongezeka thanks to gava. Gotta love this shithole I tell yah …

Anus lickers @sani @Titty Twister @Kennedy Maina @Karoga @Kalenjin101 @Berlin Oxford and friends, priss assembo

Ndii hoiyee! Apewe ofisi ndio azidi kuambia bonobostes ukweli. Zile nugu ziliamini 6k from baboon every month ndio bado ziliexpect our economy to recover in 4 months as if JSKS angenyamba diamonds. Unaachiwa Ksh94m then orangutans expect magic from you? @Ngimanene na matharo ile economic advice ya pesa nane si ulete hapa?

It was eerily quiet around here when Mlevi was stealing our money to fund Azimio campaign.
Wajinga waliisha.
Once you shed off the hypocrisy, we can start talking about waste of funds. Not before that.


Iko sambamba nilikuambia hii vodoo economics ya jambass na jagathi ni mnyambo muoto iliwachoma uso

Office iko na many technocrats and staff ,that’s isn’t his personal money