NDII: Kenyans' outrage on 16% VAT on fuel dishonest, they refuse to see issues



There was a 6 page thread here on Friday about debt and tax and every other kind of shafting. It was mostly by Jubilee stans who have cheered every stupid jubilee project/scam. Including Ruto carrying cash in sacks to every Harambee.

They’ve also said the auditor general is working for Raila whenever he exposed all the waste.

Eurobond mtalipa mpende msipende.
In the meantime inapata interest kwa account za wazito Cayman

Wadau, si mupatie huyu jamaa kura aokoe hii nchi. Inakaa he’s the best expert we need in kenya…otherwise Kubafffff yeye…

I’m sorry but I have to say it

Negros are contemptuous

Niliona hiyo thread and I was just laughing. There are some special characters during tano tena campaign screamed the most. …Now I see them screaming again. Should you ask them what happened to tano tena slogan? In unison they reply “The alternative wasn’t any better” … then they continue screaming…

That fool ndii advised the committee of experts on the constitution and we ended up with this bloated government structure. What can he tell us?

Mimi stress yangu ni ati fare ya kwenda Mwiki ni 100/=. Fuck you @spear !

Nimeskia diaspora (Rongai) ni wan-fefte peak-time. He he he he! Turudie tuweke baba…

He he he, I am sure kukinyesha watalipa 200/=.

Kenyans will learn when they start receiving very late salaries. And in parts. Thats when they will start to question tano tena.

Fellow mzee, sijasikia your opinion about shafting bila lube na hii VAT. where is your stand ?

What a sad set.

Except for 98% it’s not that the alternative was considered inferior but the choice lacked merit.

When you vote based on ‘nyubba’ you don’t really have an alternative for you have to vote the tribe or abstain .

@admin here is another entitled white lad.How do you allow him to use the word negro(Nigga) knowing too well who his subjects are

I’m sorry to say but the majority of Kenyans are stupid with no hope of salvation. Hao watu wanapiga makelele saa hii ngoja 2022 warudi ‘default settings’.

Itakuwa 10 fresh ama 15 ingine?.. something should happen to reset our country to basics. I don’t see the need of all these mpigs and mca’s surely. Walete referendum ya hiyo kwanza

I hate to ruin your wank fest but Ndii is being totally dishonest, the 16% VAT was agreed on pre 2013 and signed in april barely a month into the jubilee administration and it was intended to make available emergency credit facilities.

Now let us think this thing through:

[li]Any deal signed with the IMF is negotiated over a long period, meaning it was a Kibaki era deal ![/li][li]It also means that Kenya couldn’t, to raise enough revenue then, to pay of its debts ALL ACCRUED BY THE KIBAKI ADMINISTRATION and required an emergency loan.[/li][li]The only reason it wasn’t implemented earlier, was that it was postponed by parliament![/li][/ol]

If you want to blame anyone for shafting, blame the much celebrated Kibaki regime, they negotiated a terrible deal with IMF.:saitan::saitan:
I would also remind you that IMF is a western regime change tool, so the west , intent on regime had hoped that the 16% vat implementation would create riots and destroy the young jubilee administration , it didn’t happen.:D:D
I would also remind you that then , the deep state didn’t want Uhuru in power, and could have deliberately negotiated a bad deal to sabotage the jubilee government and make it unpopular.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Mutua 2022

They need to think of another way to get imf money, they can tax imported pizza, second clothes, electronics, cars etc or simply stop all the projects and pay them. This move is meant to cripple the economy, wait for 3 months and see how it will affect other sectors. People will lose business and jobs

Ndii is speaking out of his arse as usual. He’s taking advantage of Kenyans pretence to care and know about public finance. His dismissal of the foreign affairs moves Kenya is pulling proves the same. But emotions are high now so people will eat it up