Ndichu and Sarah Hassan very violent relationshit

No wonder she married a Nigerian.


Ata Sidika alikomolewa kama burukenge by a Nigerian, so going to Nigeria wont save Sarah from a thrashing if one awaits her. Maybe she should find a white husband…who will tie her in his basement and the only thing she drinks is the sweat from his gonads.

Shiet I had a crush on this chic kumbe ndichu alimwaga ndani?

Hehe, sorry buddy. It wasn’t your turn:D

You are an arsehole.

How comes sijaona @Sambamba akisema, “Hi guys I am sorry but I am one of the Ndichu twins. You guy my guy It’s just that we have so much money, thiz wiminz love our nganyas and they just jipa. It’s nothing personal you guy my guy.”