Ndegwa is Destroying Safaricom

Network downtime, something that was considered impossible on saf, has become a daily menace. Did they lie about 4g coverage? Are they stealing infrastructure and selling it on the low?

That mbilikimo showed up at a point when Safaricon had already hit maturity, there were no new areas to “disrupt” like Michael Joseph did with MPESA and Bob Con Me More did with data. Shareholders still want to see growth, so the only feasible way to “increase” profit margin is to reduce operating costs. That’s why quality has become shitty. Safcon is doing what Boeing used to do, they think they can keep growing while cutting down expenses. They could also be building a war chest to finance the Ethiopian nonsense they recently got themuselefus into. Either way, it’s their subscribers who will feel the pain.

Hours in a cyber actually translate to new knowledge.

Mliexpect aje Mwafrika akitake over?




I told you haka kamsapere kanamaliza suffering-con

Wacha ianguke. You can’t build an empire through stealing from gullible customer. Lakini haka kamblikimo nikipatana nako corner mbaya. Nakapiga nyundo nikasindire Kwa lami kapelekee shetani ujinga.

Too much ignorance in one thread,
shida za Safaricom zilianzishwa na Bob Collymore, over-employing incompetent people. and those are the problems Ndegwa wanted to fix with work re-structuring akaanza kuambiwa na bonobos anafuta watu ovyo ovyo.

But even that was a small dent…most of Safaricom’s core systems are supplied by vendors and the staff were doing integrations and support, until very recent when Saf has started transitioning into a technical services provider rather than just a Telco, they are building many systems in-house.

But also going by the bonoboism evident on this thread, no one is quoting any financial reports hata za last financial year or any other metrics, ni ukabila tu inasumbua watu.

Also the move to go to ethiopia is another master-stroke that if well executed will be a money minter.

I have realized Kenyans have become so hopeless ,petty n ignorant, just check social media comments on a key development issue. Logical and hopeful people these days feel out of place.

Ukweli check the comments on the toll road through msa rd, Lamu port, sgr, and any other undergoing project. instead of being proud and hopeful for the future, wakenya are a hopeless lot.
That’s why you find churches selling hope after every 10mtrs in Nairobi

How now?

lakini data nikiweka ina malaysia hakuna chida hapo ?

Hata yangu inaisha haraka sana

Bado unatumia safaricon kwa data.?
Ngai Mwazani!
Anyway I tried to download their new shitty App, after installing ikanishow ati "Install Simcard " yet the duo Simcard was active… but I use Telkom for data.
Does it mean I have to use their data when using the App? Washa ikae.

Hapa kwetu it’s only safcon which has a stable data network. Airtel and Telkom are very weak

Short man syndrome…

how many empires have you created/conquered with your height.

We must accept that there are clever fellas out there Kuna vile they have to see you using their data ndio functions zingine zikubali and they well very know we use other networks for data

Hata mimi.Ati insert SIM card.I uninstalled the app immediately