Ndauwo Tz Wanaona Moto



What are Masaais doing in Zanzibar. Thought they are just in Namanga.


Kuna msee amechapwa hapo kama nonsense akapitia on left


Hahahaha hao security wako na bahati these ndauwos did not resort to the rungus, they would have crushed a few skulls :sweat_smile::joy::joy:.

Masai blend very well with nature/environment. it is good they prevailed here.

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Pale jela convict wengi wa murder ni ma ndauwo …

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I thought wa Pokot pia? Kapedo and such shenanigans?

Pokot we probably the biggest murderers per capita, sana sana on government issue (G.I) yaani government security forces. Lakini huwa hatushikwi … coz we play a “catch me if u can” with them. And if they try … we fuck them even more.

They are tanzanians and are free to visit, live or work in any part of their country including zanzibar.

Hehe TZ masais are saying it is the kenyan masai who went to zanzibar to cause chaos.