The water is level is @ 30% despite the heavy rainfall. Hapa iko story

Nyakundi said Sonko the Kavisi is colluding with the administration to empty the dam… So that he can continue distribution water maintaining the robin hood image… Or smthn.

Nashuku tunachezwa,These could be old photos. Nothing validates them to be recent

Wakuje waokote hii mvua ya nairobi…haitusaidii

People should harvest rain water in large tanks. Ukingoja serikali ikusaidie utaumia.

Are you folks aware why Lake Naivasha is a fresh water lake yet it doesn’t have an outlet?
Probably it’s the same thing happening in Ndakaini.
An underground outlet.

Ebu fafanua hilo, how do ‘you empty a dam’?:eek::eek:

Si mlisema kila mtu akule kwao. Kuleni kiburi yenyu.

how now. the surrounding villages/farms/roads will be flooded

May be the inflows have already been redirected to the underground tunnels

And its water levels are rising :slight_smile:

in a dam?

Our priorities as a country are inverted. Nairobi city and all other cities and major urban centers, have no measures in place to manage the collection of rain water.
Lakini we are all in mega projects.

I have been following this story in the last 48hrs to see the impact of fake news. As usual people don’t verify anything and believe anything at face value despite it coming from shaky sources.

Satellite pics of Ndakaini Dam.

It doesn’t end there. Someone is trying desperately to link this dam with the seven forks dams at Tana River that KenGen uses to produce power. To be clear Ndakaini Dam is a water reservoir for Nairobi and doesn’t produce any power. Its water source is Aberdare forest. Seven Forks dam gets its waters from Mt. Kenya ecosystem and Tana River. Two different dams for two different purpose and two different eco systems. The seven forks dams are full and they can allow excess water to drain. The tunnel project is 40% complete and hasn’t even reached the dam so the imaginary story of the water being allowed to drain away is another fake story.

Don’t mention Kenya power anywhere here. None of this involves them. KenGen produces power, Kentraco distributes to 200 base stations countrywide and Kenya power does the last miles home/industry connections plus billing.

River sagana si tu juzi ilikua ime jaa na ina enda mpaka Dakaini


You are right. The vegetation in those pics can tell that area hasn’t received any rain.
But then, how far is Ndakaini from Nairobi, hapa mtu wa checkie maneno anafaa alike hio mtaa na supa dip camera.

We are brainstorming and every angle is worth exploring.

Is that the bridge that huwa black spot?

kwa hizo picha ya kwanza inasema date ni 1/20/2013 na ya pili 1/7/2017