NDA agreement

For the sponsors and fellow men who go around fucking these instagram models “hoes” i urge you to go to your lawyer and grab this document it will save you from alot of trouble in the future.
it simply states that by signing the papers, partners are agreeing to
keep all communication, personal info and anything that goes
on with you in private. If they don’t, they’ll be forced to
pay a fine plus however much damage it causes
you Not only can they not tell media, they can’t even tell
family or friends…

@FieldMarshal CouchP @uwesmake @Female Perspective @Kill The Buzz hope you have one

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which document?

NDA (non disclosure agreement)

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sasa ukipatia dem NDA atakubali kukupatia nyap? Mimi I don’t ask neither do I sponsor actions just lead to the fucking.
Just make sure no pics are taken. Most ladies like no strings attatched kama hujui.
NDA’s are only applicable kama you want to be a sponsor and both parties agree. Mimi uweke actions zetu online I wont even bother following up. Tutaona kama likes and comments will pay your bills.

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Sasa niwe na file nyumbani ama office ya ma NDAs… Fantasies!


atapena all she wants is the money
she signs the agreement
ferk her
pay her
and move on to the next hoe

@byro when you have a name to protect you’ll understand the need of this

Generation X , New prostitution

when you patronize pokos you have no name to protect…

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they claim not to be pokos but they are
some of them will ask for a NDA even before you suggest it

Infact patron ndiye maraya !

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generation Y not X

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