NCPB, KPLC, KQ, Are Broke, Uhuru Amefenya Kazi Buana!!

Auditors are saying that all these government parastals are in the red.

Kazi ni kokopa na kuiba

But but but but Uhuru is not their CEO or CFO or in anyway involved in their day to day operations.
He does not sit in the board, does not have any ‘administrative’ power.

Why dont we blame the thieves or incompetent managers who were at the helm when the parastatals in question failed

you forgot that almost allpublic unis are technically insolvent

Have you ever heard of something known as overall responsibility? The fuckers were appointed by a board appointed by a cabinet secretary put in office by the president. So who takes overall responsibility?

Hio ya KQ ni understandable lakini hizo zingine have no excuse.

We can do without those 3 state corporations, treasury hifai kuzipatia pesa, ziachwe zicollapse, kama kuna mtu alisign mkataba ya kuuzia kenya power umeme aifufue aiuzie.



Also looted

:D:D:D:D:D…you expect too much from a man who can’t be entrusted to manage any family business,if you know, you know.

KQ was in the red way before Covid hit. Same morgue with Mumias…

Kuna kitu mnafaa mjue. The entities are broke intentionally. Yaani they are made broke kimaksudi.

It works like this. By not making profits, they are constantly bailed out na hio pesa wanakula without raising any questions because they have a reputation of making losses.

If the entities are doing well, they wouldn’t be receiving any additional funding. Profit isn’t really profitable to them so lazima they keep making losses.

Gava iwezani na biashara na ile mentality wasee huingia kufanya job uko nayo

Tell us the first and last time those parastatals were ever profitable.

Like @Baby Panay mentioned, they are always in the red by design. Their bosses are appointed to ensure the gava in power has resources when needed.

All these mentioned parastatals are headed by people from Sugoi’s backyard. Look at Moi university for instance. It’s a deplorable cattle shed that stinks of cowdung from kesses town to the classrooms