nCOVID19's Closing Day

Wadau!! Wapenzi wenzangu, are you guys tired of the mundane and mediocre life you find yourselves carrying on, you know… Living from hand to mouth, never making ends meet nor fulfilling any of your lives dreams or goals while our parasitic and opportunistic leaders and politicians have it easy riding on the sweat of our brows and the police constantly harassing and arbitrarily arresting you for no better reason just so to extort you?? Well, the time is now. I know most of you guys remember back in ‘primo’ when we used to settle old scores with those who had wronged or ‘crossed’ us during the term. We called it ‘Clozzy’. It was the closing day for the term and it was the ‘DAY’. It was an ideal time because there was no authority where the 'mambenye za daro or chuo’ Kaa akina @TrumanCapote, @Finest wine, @Deorro, @digi, @Panyaste★, @patco, @Ngimanene na matharo and @Maombi hodari as the case may be, to ‘report’ to. It was also the day of determining ‘First body wa daro yenyu’ venye @Abba, @uwesmake,@kabudaa, @Tom Bayeye, @ranny and @rexxsimba used to square it out pale ‘uwanjo’ while @Purple and @Mrs4thletter cheered them on. Wapenzi wakenya, I think now is the most ideal time for closing day for our beloved motherland KENYA. We need to settle old scores once and for all. Let’s get rid of the dynasties and overlords that have subjugated us since independence after grabbing all the land that our forefathers died for while fighting to regain from the ‘beberus’ and leaving them destitute. It’s time for liberation my brothers and sisters. COVID19 has presented us with an ideal opportunity and fresh impetus to reset our country’s outlook and individual relations. It’s high time we take back our freedom and independence and chart our own destiny in a NEW KENYA where all men are equal… Well, except maybe jaruos, tesos, turus and pokots. Viva Kenya and may God be for us all.


Keti pale ghaseer

I do not understand what you saying elder,

:D:D:D:D:D washa mafeerings jaruo

That was on a lighter note. But don’t you think it’s time for some drastic measures to initiate changes in our political and economic systems. Why should some few privileged individuals and families with proximity to information, power and resources influence our daily lives to the point that we can’t make headway in any sphere of development both human and societal??

Blah blah blah!! But fact remains inaendelea kuwafagia kama mende zimepigwa doom

This is in contrast with how the guy is, why is he using a mask if covid is a lie?

CS Mutahi Kagwe: There no estate in Nairobi that is not affected, does not have a positive case:

Kilimani Area -6
Kawangware -3
Karen- 5
Pipeline - 5
Utawala- 4
Ngara- 2
Eastleigh- 1 died

We have cases in Buruburu, Tassia, Parklands, Donholm, Hurlinghum, Madaraka

Ungetajwa ungetusiana hivo? Tuambiane ukweli

What am I missing? Mtu ukitajwa unapata gold medal au nini?