NcIC Wanasumbua

Sasa kuita mtu kehee ni hate speech? You cannot legislate words out of our native tongues. Soon they will issue a kist of approved languages we can speak in public kama wakati wa moi when broadcasting in your native language was a crime. Sasa kama digii ni kehee tusiseme ni kehee. Makehee lazima zimefurahia sana. Zijue bado tutakuwa tunaziita kehee kimoyo moyo. Mtu akibehave kama kehee lazima nimuite kehee


To promote cohesion, it sometimes require to make uncomfortable changes. Is negro allowed in US?

yes, infact Far worse is allowed in the us , as long as you dont use wrong pronouns on the alphabet people

Yes negro is legal. Free speech is guaranteed. Huwezi zuia watu kusema kehee watasema kehee hadi wachoke kusema kehee

Negro is allowed, nigger is allowed, being a nazi is allowed, being a member of KKK is allowed. Everything is allowed, but be ready to carry the consequences of being a dickhead. With freedom comes great responsibility

Good, no one is going to enforce those words announced by NCIC, but be don’t blame anyone when those you call descend on you like a burukenge.

Those NCIC dogs are targeting my noble people, the Kalenjins. But they cannot rewrite our language. Tutatumia zaidi na zaidi tuone where they will take us.


Kipmeno umeskia Raila amebuy chopper moya yenye inaweza detect exposed teeth from 50 miles away.

When NCIC banned the phrase"watu wa kurusha mawe" ni nani walikuwa wanatarget?

Negro means black in Spanish! It was/has been used to denigrate people of African origin in the u.s .

KIPMENO niaje, looting gene inakuwasha. ingia hapo kwa ofisi ya chief and loot masufuria , umbwaa

You would need to define “allowed”. Is there a body governed for such?

I am still at a loss why the didn’t ban the phrase “yule mtu wa kitendawili”

Even just “yule mtu” is quite derogatory

they shouldnt have made this public , sasa they’ve made those words popular and weaponisable …bure kabisaa

NCIC ni mashoga takataka