Nchi ya kipuuzi


Good morning mjuaji? there are so many narratives about what transpired in that meeting all quoting sources closest to the close sources. if you continue losing sleep over them naona ukipatwa na stress…

You’re suggesting that I… Accept & Move On™ ?

More like, don’t give a hoot about it too much.

just don’t believe every tweet and post you read…

May be God need to knead another clay and recreate Kenya and Kenyan afresh.The sins of our fore-fathers and fathers are too overwhelming.A wipe out is all that we need.
Not even men of pulpit to trust anymore.

Even the Migunax2 has accepted and moved on, wewe ndio huwesi?

I’m not a gun for hire and I’m not interested in nyama.

I completely concur, and that is my point you loose nothing by moving on unlike Miguna.

Babuon had repeatedly said this time there was going to be no accepting and moving on but he has.
Who are you to continue resisting?

Migunsx2 accepting and moving on, really? that guy is currently overwhelmed with stress

Yeah! ? There’s nothing to lose?
Next time your car has a puncture just accept and move on and keep driving with a flat.

55 years of accepting and moving on ndio hapa imetufikisha.

I’m not a follower of Baboun. Our goals might align every now and then but we do not share a brain or a conscience.
Ako na shida zake niko na maudhui yangu.


SGR lazima ifike malaba, na Onejiggy ata recover pesa yake. It has never been in the interest of the common man. Just move one.

Well said