Nchi gani hii

President anateswa banae!! awezi ongeza .
Na very soon atarushwa Siberia.

Inaitwa Democratic country na sio shithole countries

Commander in chief banae…

This was a coup, not an election.

Wakina @Purple na @uwesmake if they only knew this guy vizuri… either they are trolling or are plain stupid. Huyu msee alisema ati white genes are superior than any other during his stop over in Minnesota in an ALL white crowd. Go to you tube and search white horse theory… THIS IS THE ONLY THING that made me vote. Sikuwa ninataka ku vote but my vote is part of the mail ballots…
Kumanina zake

Donald also has enemies in ‘very high pllaces’ …never been good to any man :smiley:

Bigotry at its best

Instead of compromise he chose attack. That costed him

sometimes you literally walk away

He said “good genes” not superior genes. If you’ve ever been to the MidWest you would know that those people live on farms and they eat very well. We had a girl in my college class from Minnesota, she was built like a horse. Not fat, but big bones, strong as an ox. They don’t eat junk food like in the coastal regions. Biden has said very very bad things about black people and passed laws that put more black men in jail. How come you didn’t consider that when voting?

Trump amerushwa nje na the military complex na big pharma. He never started any stupid war na akataa big pharma wasiswing na Kofid Naindin. He had to go coz he ain’t good for business.


my fren when choosing battles…well be wise

Why? Is he the local god?


Trump won but the Devil-crats rigged

Sioni anything wrong hapa. He said “you have good genes” … wapi issue?