NBI Expressway

Bellevue parked on the said waiting for Uhuru to pass


@mein_fuhrer come spot your ubiquitous friend. :D:D:D

This road is being fastracked banae… Waiyaki way-Rironi is still slow in progress and I foresee this guys catching and finishing before them.

Chinese are very good nowadays, next wapewe contract ya aerial subway which is way cheaper than tunnel subway. i think tenderpreneureship will destroy kenyan man power

Alikuwa anakimbia terrific tuesday alafu happy hour

??? An aerial " underpass"??

Pic ya kwanza, angalia to the left, kwa mti.


yep, kunayo Chinese wamedevelop, ni zile instead of the rails being below the train ,ziko juu ya train in such a away the train is suspended by them , kuna documentary I had watched leo morning, they used the term " aerial subway"’ they said the cost is a quarter of underground subway, since ,there’s no tunneling. also they said the technology is already used in parts of Europe . max speed for now is 80km/hr.

Wuhan 'sky train' successfully completes high temperature test run




Sio Chinese wamedevelop. These are called “Schwebebahn” in German from the verb “schweben” = to hover/float/levitate. Zimekua for more than a century. In Wuppertal because the terrain is punishing, they make extensive use of these. Hata hii pic yako ya mwisho naona hiyo Schwebebahn imeandikwa Wuppertal. Hata hio pic ya kwanza inakaa sana Wuppertal.



si you read to the end? the part where I said they were referring to it that way in quotes?

“also they said the technology is already used in parts of Europe”’

There must be a reason they are not in substantial use. Actually I think Germany yote Schwebebahns are only in use in Wuppertal. Pia underground subways are not that widely used. Outside of the really big cities you are not likely to get underground rail systems. For most cities light rail systems seem to work just fine. Though the preferred system seems to be for the light rail system to go underground when approaching heavily built up areas kama CBD.
So for example you’d walk to near I&M Building hapo Kenyatta avenue. Then kuna stairs or escalator hapo that go underground, and for people going the opposite side kuna stairs or escalator or both on the opposite side where Simmers used to be. You take the stairs maybe 40 steps down. Kama Unaenda KU, unangoja train ya KU. Kama unaenda airport unangoja train/tram ya airport. Kikuyu etc etc. So unapata mayybe ya KU inabaki underground all the way hadi Ngara, then at Ngara it surfaces and continues above ground all the way to KU. Ya Kikuyu inabaki Underground hadi Kangemi. Ya airport hadi City Stadium, etc etc. SO the only places you go underground to pick the train/tram would be CBD, Westlands, Upperhill and environs. Then pia ya airport could disappear back underground when approaching Donholm, Umoja, Pipeline area

Kisungu.dll. Subway ni underground. Cannot parse aerial subway.