Nazi Germany Had Technology Way Too Advanced For The 1930s and 1940s

[SIZE=4]Nazi engineers were dangerously close to building a stealth warplane shielded from radar that could have changed the outcome of World War II. The flying wing of the Germans was called Horten Ho 2-29 the prototype was completed in 1944 for test flight, they were planning to deliver a nuclear bomb to New York undetected and flatten the whole city. Americans only managed to make the B2 Stealth in 1989 after copying the German designs

[SIZE=4]Both the Axis and Allies were developing helicopter technology, but Germany got there first in terms of actual production. The Flettner Fl 282 became the world’s first large-scale produced helicopter, with prototypes taking off in 1941, and a full order for 1,000 machines placed in 1944. Allied bombing destroyed the Flettner factory after only 24 had come off the line, but those machines were used for artillery spotting and reconnaissance until the last days of the conflict. Three survived the war.

Space Planes
[SIZE=4]The German project codenamed “Silbervogel” was a theoretical design for a sub-orbital bomber aircraft that would have been able to attain 90 miles in height and bomb New York when launched from Germany. The aircraft got as far as a wind-tunnel mockup, and work done on the design continues to influence rocket and ramjet technology today.
[SIZE=4]Even today anything from Germany is of top quality. Just look at Mercedes, Audi, Bosch, Siemens trains, Xray machines. [/SIZE]

These guys were - 80 years ago - making things we cannot make today. Tells you a lot about our capabilities as Africans.

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What do I keep saying about Africans na watu hapa wananitusi. We are NOT the the same intellectually as the Caucasians especially the Germans. Deny mpaka next centuary but that is the truth, Kuna knowledge mingi sana Mungu ama aliens hakupatia waafrika.

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The Wright brothers made an aeroplane in 1920s when were still chasing antelopes in the bush!

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To get this done you need leadership that is focused on a single goal. The Nazi’s main goal was to make a pure world for its people. And they realized to do that they needed technology and new understandings of the world around them.

Hitler favored such scientists since they’d do anything to for the Reich.

Please kindly say YOU ARE “NOT the the same intellectually as the Caucasians especially the Germans. Deny mpaka next centuary”, its the situation we are in, how long have u youself ever taken on a project without external interfearance and work it out??? from there we can talk

Or did Hitler has a point that the Aryan race was Superior to all other races? These guys were gifted technologically. They were ahead in nuclear technology. They had developed blue prints to make an atomic bomb. In fact it is Albert Einstein who wrote to president FDR and warned him that Germans were about to create a super bomb. Americans copied from them. Still, Americans and Soviets copied Germany’s rocket technology particularly the V2 model.

We are still unable to make toothpicks that others were making thousands of years ago. Worse, kiosk imetushinda in managing. Angalia Uchumi supermarket.

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First ever flight - 1903
WW1 - 1913

In 10 years, they had already weaponised aircrafts.

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hehehe truth hurts, mwafrika amezoea siesta ya tropics, everything was available I.e basic stuff like food etc, Caucasians had to fight cold ,they had to be innovative to preserve food and keep warm, mwafrika naye ndo ameamuka from siesta playing catch up now, anyway I read that somewhere ,can’t remember where.

Funniest part for me is always some guy in a far away county getting prime time coverage for coming up with a rudimentary contraption that has a propeller and calling it a helicopter.