nauza plate za offset printers

offset positive PS metal Plates

(1) Gestetner 201 (253 x 381)mm going for Ksh 3500 per box of100 plates

(2) GTO 46 (370 x 450)mm going for Ksh. 4500 per box of 100 plates

he he…hizi vitu bado hutumika? I like the smell of printing ink but its so long…

Tembea areas around River Road. I always see many small printers who use all kinds of old printing machines. You are sure to sell them there, though huko watu ni wajuaji sana.

hehe,bado ziutumika,ngoja elections zikaribie uone vile demand ita-rise juu biashara za ku-print fliers

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ha,alafu wanaeza burgain hadi ukasirike

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They always try to show you whatever you are selling is almost valueless so that you sell it to them at a throwaway price.

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Thickness yake ni?

about 1mm

point of correction. thickness inakuanga 0.15mm for the A4 sizes above na 0.30mm for the A3 sizes