Nausea after good sex

I’ve been on dose of two tea spoons of moringa powder every morning for the last four months. Indeed this is a miracle tree. My energy levels are have never this high before. I now bench press 150 kgs with ease, before even 100 was a struggle.

My sex drive is through the roof and I can’t wait for the next round of sekete. But I’ve realized after really good sex I have a nauseated feeling and I have to take a sweet to prevent myself from throwing up. I researched about this and apparently that can be a side effect of eleveted testastorone and a heightened sexual urge. Will Smith also had the same issue when he trained for the “Ali” role

To cut the long story short, try moringa. It takes a few months to work but when it does you’ll become a sex bomb. Also exercise often. The blue pills are not worth the risk.


Mzae you may have a heart problem. Visit your doctor or cardiologist for proper diagnosis. Miti shamba is only a temporary fix. Chunga you don’t die while on top of a woman. These ignored subtle symptoms may come to bite you.


You confessed here the other day vile ulikula lanye mkia room mzima ikanuka shonde. Surely…utakosaje kupata nausea na PNC after kuingia kwa exhauster? I’d recommend uwachane na matako chafu kabisa. :green_emoji:


Ashwagandha is king I highly recommend it, side effect is anhedonia

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I am perfectly healthy my unit is given a physical and mental assessment every six months

hehe yani huwezi wacha kijiji isahau hiyo story. It was a one time thing :sweat_smile:


Dangerous tackle but ref waves play on

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The problem with performance enhancing drugs/supplements is that your body will get used to it and you will become its slave. You will not function well without it, e.g., you will be weak and your libido will be very poor if you do not take moringa.


the things I read up in here

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its like saying your bones will be too weak if you don’t take calcium. Moringa is just rich in all the nutrients a person needs

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malisa iyo takataka kabisa :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Doesn’t sound like it. Your body is talking to you.

Just 3 genuine questions

  • How old are you …??
  • What is you current body weight …??
  • describe your daily diet for a typical week . :blush:

~60 years old, 122 kg
Breakfast: chai and bread/mandazi
Lunch/ : Chips & Sausage: KFC chicken and chips
Supper: Ugali/ rice, veges/beans, fry beef or chicken, cup of tea
Exercise once a week

This is mine.

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You are killing yourself.

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