Nature of The Penal Code.

The penal code is designed in such a way that, it’s difficult for one to drive a distance of 20 kilometer or so and not break the law. For instance, if one was to drive from Athi-River, park at the railway station, then proceed to walk to The University of Nairobi, trust me, by the time you are getting to U.o.N, you’d have broken the law.
If The Authorities decide to investigate any person in a given professional, trust me, they are bond to come up with something that can land him/her in jail. This is why it’s only fair we investigate crimes, so that we end up arresting people, and not investigating people, so as we end up finding crimes.
I’m in full support of war on corruption, but from where I seat, the approach being used is that of investigating certain people , and then finding the crimes.

Ruto tunakuonea 18.

There is this traffic cop who used to stop a neighbor always because he didn’t have a valid driving license. He got so used to it that even he would stop the neighbor when he was jogging. Tafakari hayo.

just facing it as it is.

Charles keter we are coming for you.

The law was made for the poor.

Chukueni hio senji haraka. Placed his guys in KPLC, KENGEN, KPC na kazi ni kuiba tu

Bringing them to the ground

chemos acha wivu kwasababu uliwekwa nje. pambana na Rivatex

Rivatex imekua shell of its former self, unataka nikufe njaa? Besides Moi uni ndio warokoti pipa huko. Nataka kitu nono yenye bado iko na mafuta

23rd December karibu home iko kitu musuri.