Nature is unforgiving

Feminism was a scam. Women were lied to forgo family for career. They thought that technology can prolong their motherhood by freezing their eggs.
Hapo London feminism independent women ni nduru,kulia na kusaga Meno. Hivyo ndivyo investment ya watoto imekunywa maji.

More Than 100 Frozen Eggs And Embryos Potentially Damaged By Hospital

London’s Guy Hospital has contacted 136 women after it was revealed the hospital was using faulty freezing solution that may have led to their frozen eggs and embryos being damaged.

The BBC reported many of the women who had their eggs frozen had done so before undergoing cancer treatment, making them unlikely or incapable of conceiving naturally.

The patients were informed their eggs and embryos may not survive the thawing process if they were frozen using the faulty solution, a year after the trust was originally warned.

The Guy’s Hospital’s Assisted Conception Unit is now being investigated by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority for its delay in informing patients.

Some of the women impacted said they would have made different decisions in their fertility treatments had they known about this possibility in advance.


Lawyers right now…

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Chokoraa wamejaa kila mahali, so many kids in orphanages and abandoned on the streets. These are just 1st world problems.

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