Natural Hair Movement

Those who wear au naturale hair, how do you do it. Mimi na natural tuko parallel. I love dreads but I can’t stand to have braided or dreaded hair through out. So I can’t imagine not being able to comb hair for years to have those tailbone dreads I drool over. I once saw a couple with long dreads. Wah! Sijawahi drool hivyo. I love dreads but I like open combable hair.

If you want to go natural from relaxed hair you have to cut it off uache growth. The last time I had short hair I was in campus I had a haircut, but it was still relaxed hair coz my hair is crazy thick. So thick that even after a retouch, I need only go in a hot shower with a light head covering, the steam will make it puffy and natural looking. Like just after a chemical relaxer which is when hair is at its limpest, with a little steam I can pull off a natural hair look. Hadi afro puffs or frohawk.
But I digress, I don’t like short hair. It’s hard to style, maintain and it doesn’t look feminine. You have to put alot of coloring and hot irons frequently for it to be presentable.Which isn’t good for hair growth. Plus you need a stylist who is great with short hair.

I’ve watched good hair so I know how bad relaxer but hey what can I do. I don’t think I can manage my natural hair with out relaxing. The growth is too thick gives me a headache to comb. Even 2 months after a retouch. Majority Kenyan women have a problem with hair because of too much weave in and hair extensions. With age and long term use of contraceptives the hairline is gone. Our women especially weave queens have one form or another of alopecia by age 30. They think that they naturally don’t have good hair but after years of braids, heavy extensions and weaves, it’s inevitable. Hair grows best with the least interference that’s why dreads can grow to your tail bone. The hair is not tampered with often and so does not fall as much.

10 month hair growth strategy

Alopecia caused by weaves

Alopecia at hairline caused by sew ins and braids