Natural Abortion

If my friend’s girlfriend is indeed two weeks pregnant, should they consider natural abortion to prevent them from a guilty conscience? Who has tried Natural abortion? Which method has worked so far? Do all natural ways leave incomplete abortions? What’s your take on this matter of delayed periods that could be pregnancy?

Is natural abortion the same as a miscarriage?

use the safe and tested way, take her to Marie Stopes, they’ll handle everything

I believe so

Niliskia strong tea hutoa?

But someone cannot ‘consider’ to have a miscarriage. It just happens.

How does she know she is two weeks pregnant? Did she do an Ultrasound?

This is the second thread by you on pregnancy today. Kwani uko na ball?

but you can stimulate it, unless you have a name for it

nikonayo, kama unaweza zaa

A glass of papaya leaves juice can induce abortion. Also a natural remedy for fibroids. Na staki maswali.
Lakini azae tu. Mtoto ni blessing

Must be more than 4 cups a day I guess

They start counting from the day her cycle started kama zimedelay

Muone Daktari atakusaidia juu ya hilo jambo, ila sio vizuri kutoa mimba maana kuna madhara yake pia