Natufata hii kitu

[ATTACH=full]163359[/ATTACH][ATTACH]163359[/ATTACH] Anyone knows where I can hire a good hammer drill preferably with the capacity to handle upto 16 inch bits. Ni shimo nne tu nataka kuchimba

just out of curiosity the 16 inch part, does it refer to the length or width of the bit

Niko na Hitachi rotary hammer,unatoa mangapi


The thickness of the bit


Haka ni kadogo sana think it can only handle upto 8 inch na inatumika mostly kwa chuma…

The hammer drill is for drilling concrete

All of a sudden u have become too clever

Jaribu alibhai shariff.

Thought they closed down?

Apana, 16 inch bit cant fit there

Elaborate more…

Don’t want to buy just hire it for a day

unaenda kutoboa concrete floor ya bank gani iyo?

16" bit??? I don’t think any handdrill can handle that…unless iko mounted on some heavy carrier

Bado wako pale westlands though kadogo.


Can you specify what you want to do for the best advice.What is the diameter and depth of the holes you want to drill? What material are you drilling? Uliza fundi wako ikiwa hujui but don’t talk about a 16 inch bit unless wewe ni mvutaji wa bangi.

The ignorance in this village will make me kill myself one day. That Hitachi drill can handle up to 22 mm sds concrete drill bit. I doubt hata hio ng’ombe inauliza mambo ya drill inajua chenye inataka.

16" unless ni oil/borehole drilling hawezi pata

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