Natty Dread anamalizwo


Vicky Rubadiri is a public figure, a celeb to some. Si shida kuwa na picha yake kwa simu, au swala la kufadhaisha roho mpaka mtu ameitia watu muchere na nyama walichambue.

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young boys who still wank to such are the only ones allowed to keep wiminz photos in their phones. Dagitari is busy throwing bait at Vickie.


Most of you fuckers have never had a fling with an influential woman or a very hot bitch with many followers. So wacheni niwaambie ukweli. They arent worth shit. You are better off with her lookalike who has 500 instagram followers and zero clout/publicity.

Money/Clout/Followers etc hupea dame kiburi na majivuno mingi sana. 99% of the time the juice is never worth the squeeze. I find bitchez like Natalie Tewa, Aziadd, Huddah, etc hot. But truth be told such women ego hukuwa juu sana. You will be much happier with a hotter or similar woman without money, fame, or online clout.

I can guarantee you huyo Rasta akapata huyo Rubadiri he would be disappointed after smashing about five times. Atakaa chini ajiulize whether it was worth the hustle which it normally isn’t.