NATO Is Afraid Of Russia, WW3 - Ukrainian Journalist Confronts UK PM

“You are not coming to Kiev, Prime Minister. Because you are afraid. NATO is afraid of WW3. But it has already started”

A Ukrainian journalist confronts UK Prime Minister Johnson about the West’s response to the ongoing tensions between Ukraine and Russia


NUTo’s specialty is slaughtering innocent toddlers in weak 3rd World cesspits. They would never try to fvck with a nuclear armed Super Power such as Russia or China. hata North Korea kama sio nuclear missiles zao wangekuwa washatiwa mikundu na AmeriCUNTs.

Long live Xi, Putin, Ayatollah, Maduro, Kim Jong

Sounds like the usual feminist blackmail, complete with some tears for dramatic effect
“You’re not man enough…a real man goes to Ukraine to pour more fuel on an already huge bonfire, that’s what a real man does” :D:D:D

NAto meffi is just an extension of Murica:D
horrible europe can’t face Russia without US:D

russia has more nukes than murica…

Tell that feminist to get hold of AK47 and toss herself to Ukraine. Otherwise her opinion or questions are a donkey fart.

hako kamama needs to shut the fuck up… ww3 will be the end of us. boris na eu wakunje mkia

It seems to me that these people want the war to continue.
The questions no one is asking are:
What Does Putin want?
Is war the only answer to the conflict?
They are all talking, lots of strong worded statements, supporting either one side or the other, but not trying to stop the fighting. What is really going on? Obviously, sanctions have meant nothing to Putin. He will ignore everyone and keep fighting as he has done so far. This started as a low key regional conflict, but it has suddenly been amplified within a few days, and everyone’s attention is riveted there, as though it’s a global show.
What is really planned to be achieved by this war?

she is inviting us to a pity party

Pia anaeza kuwa ni FSB implant. :D:D

Unajua Putin huchokoza bila huruma.

But your demi god Biden said he would put Putin in his place. :smiley:

Oh wait he is busy licking and sucking a , I mean an ice cream cone.




Huyo mumama apereke crocodile tears na huko! Analia watoto wa father Abraham wanaenjoy soft life ya London kwani alikuwa anataka wateseke kama peasants wenzake Ukraine? Wivu mbaya.

Why didn’t atheism solve the problems in USSR???

You do know that the USSR was the 2nd biggest atheist state by population behind China.

How comes people died like flies during atheism in Russia???

You think WW3 will just be contained in Europe. We had nothing to do with the previous two na bado zilitupata tu. Exercising restraint and caution is not a sign of weakness.

To throw the ball back at you, si Putin aguse one of the NATO members basi kama yeye ni mwanaume.

apeleke ujinga mbali, wakiuwa watoi Iraq sikuona akilia ghassia yeye. Putin bomb the chieth out of those Ukrainian nazis

In future, add Col
Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi of Libya in such lists.


Blowjob akae ngumu ambie hio kunguru what a man can do a woman can do better. Ampatie gun ampelekee kiev.

Putin probably wants a regime change so that he can install a puppet government that will do as he does in Russia

Sir ,
Despots and Tyrants come in two basic flavours: -
1/ The diabolically evil
2/ The mentally unstable

In my humble analysis , Putin is mentally unstable.
He has this driving urge to restore the glory of the former USSR and actually began this exercise when still the prime minister responsible for the brutal Chechnya War.

Sanctions , laws , norms and boundaries mean nothing to such individuals…
There is no rhyme or reason to any of their actions and seem devoid of the normal human feelings of love , compassion , conscience , shame and to some extent , fear …

They only answer to an “inner voice” that seems to direct their every action…
Like Kim , he is paranoid about his personal security , suspicious of everything and everyone , will only eat items prepared by a personal Chef and is both isolated and remote from ordinary Russians …

I want to wager that if he is not “neutralized” soon , he may end up triggering a holocaust of unimaginable proportions …

Let’s hope that those in his inner circle spot the looming danger and do the “right” thing or some enterprising “3 letter agency” take care of this urgent business … :D:D

Hii yako pia ni mnyambo ya momo. You have no clue about this war.

You mean like NATO did in Libya and tried to do in Afghanistan?