Nationalists have it! Brexit is official

I thought you were joking, Ktalk style!

UK is a key market. The pact with EU excludes UK now. There will be need for renegitotiation with UK.

That’s alarmist it reminds me about Y2K bug which computer companies lied to the whole world to artificially create demand for new hardware. Last time i checked Uk exports more to us than we do to them so it actually in their interest to maintain good relation least we ask for renegotiation. The manufactured goods they sale to us can be sourced elsewhere but the quality of our tea, flowers and horticulture is second to none globally. Lastly it will take minimum 2 years if everything goes well for UK to officially complete withdrawal from EU, not overnight as most think. There are treaties that have to be withdrawn in parliament, renegotiated and passed.

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Don’t fear that Europeans (w/o GB) will stop buying Kenyan roses. You get 10 roses at 1€99 with pesticides and and 10 Fair-Trade roses at 2€99 without pesticides - this is more than cheap as one Dutch or German rose has at least the double price, a French rose can’t rarely be bought …

I think EU was very protectionism kwenye masuala ya biashara, hili ni jambo jema kwa wafanyabiashara na ni mbaya kwa watalii.