Nationalists have it! Brexit is official

The leave side has a 4% lead over remain. Many media outlets now calling it a victory for the Leave side. 52 poll centres to go. Cameron could use some tips from Kibaki :D:D:D(remember 2007 elections)

EAC has a lot to learn from EU failures.

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Peasants have it!

What does it mean for Kenya?


Flower export industry will be hardest hit.

They can exit the world if they want. kesho tutaamka tuendlee na maisha.


Brexit nyef nyef.

so the media can call results there. try that in kenya…

How and why?

Maybe more trade between the 2 countries, and more work permits. Pure speculation

Forgive my naivety
…was it kind of a love affair where they were exchanging lots of flowers from Kenya and now that the union has broken there will be no more flowers???


Good-bye Britain into “splendid isolation”

Mimi nashuku wametoka juu ya the next president of USA

Don’t know its implications. Don’t Care.

U just nailed it. No more pucci for Britain.
The Brits have exited the Union when there’s a major refugees crisis in Europe.

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I guess you could export to the European Union before the exit. Now you’re dealing with two markets; the EU and the UK.

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Actually it will be the other way round (Since the British Pound has lost value). After all they still need the horticulture so our exporters will be getting more for less.


kidogo kidogo uskie . Grexit, Departugal, Italeave, Czechout, Oustria, Finish, Slovakout, Latervia, and Byegium.


He he punguza bhang boss


Nope, Kenya has a trade deal with the EU that incorporates flower and exports to the EU. Kenyan flowers are auctioned in Dutch flower auction not UK.


Movement between UK and EU is now restricted.
Cameron is now on air. Assuring foreigners that effect won’t be immediate.
Haiya Cameron has resigned

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How does this affect me as a common mwananchi ? I guess it does not …they can as well exit earth and leave for mars