God is angry with Kenya

What was the cause of the stampede?

a teacher was chasing them

Words fail me.

Woi. The little angels. :eek:

Oh! His is in deep shi.t now!

This is bad.

Even God himself hates us negroes

Yesterday a stampede in Tanzania. Today was kakamega…is it something in the air? The world has become so weird.

Rip little ones.

Sijawai elewa mbona wakenya hatupendi order. In a wedding, bank, matatu watu ni kusongamana.

This is what happens when bonobos continue breeding like rats

The pics I have seen look horrific. Extremely sad day for the parents of the victims and all of us

Bonobos, teacher chasing students, RIP

Very bonoboferric

Ever since CouchP referred to Africans as bonobos eeeevery siiingle asshat wants to throw that word in every thread. If you remove the word from the posts, ninety-nine percent of the time, the posts aren’t saying much.

Come up with something new. I dare you.


Knew I’d come across that word, bonobo, before I opened the post.
@administrator, ban that word. Soo irritating.

A teacher was beating kids causing panic.

Caused by an idiot pastor and teacher respectively, no respect.