National Food Reserve Agency - Tanzania

The origin of the NFRA goes back to the drought of 1973-1975 when Tanzania was hit by an acute food shortage as it was unable to meet its food requirement and had to depend on imports and food aid. As a result of that disaster the Government decided to establish Food Reserve Organ (Strategic Grain Reserve –SGR) in 1976 and as a strategy for overcoming food shortages in the country.

The National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) is a Public Institution established as Executive Agency under the Ministry of Agriculture Food Security and Cooperatives of Tanzania for the purpose of guaranteeing national food security during food shortage. The Agency established by the Executive Agencies No. 30 of 1997 and came into effect 1st day of July, 2008. It took over responsibilities of the former Strategic Grain Reserve.

The National food Reserve Agency aims guaranteeing national food security by addressing food shortages through procuring, reserving and releasing food stocks efficiently and effectively.

To be “an institution capable of responding timely to food shortages in Tanzania by 2020”

To guarantee national food security by procuring, reserving and re-cycling strategic food stock in an efficient and cost effective manner.


In pursuing the Aim, Vision and Mission, NFRA will work on the following Key Result areas:

(i) Procurement and storage of food stocks

(ii) Marketing of food commodities and Revenue Generation

(iii) Modernization of plants equipment and operating systems

(iv) Modern Management Systems.






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