National debt

[ATTACH=full]160791[/ATTACH]so we are talking of 160b . Then next year same thing. RAT RACE is the word . TANO INGINE

accept and move on,mteso mjinga

Accept what

that rwnebpe na you owe Western and Asian powers money, lakini loan zingine may even take more than 25 years to repay and by that time you will be dead Mzee and you know what ?dead men owes no one anything

Wakanyake lipa deni polepole, we are in this together


Like I said before if that cash is injected into tangible infrastructure, then it’s all good. We have to develop our infrastructure completely so we concentrate our energy onto other areas. I. E things Like roads should be basic kila corner of the country so that we avoid rural to urban migration

Its because of wakanda that the whole world os on debt! Stupit wakandans

sasa ukipost hii unataka na yeye makena apost nini kabla alale?!!

A friend argued, that when you building a flat, esp on loan, before occupancy, you will be dead in debt but you got a hse. After occupancy your debt and investment ratio are pitted on a sort of competition…later it levels up. Replicate that on a national scale, in this case Kenya. Problem we have, if my friend’s scenario holds is that, the loans come but the project prices come at some inflated costs and realising the real benefit of this loan would take a long fcuking time.

a major reason why govt issues new debt is to pay off old ones. this is because it is always cheaper in the future than presently

The people who are paying the debt are the Coffee, tea, horticulture, maize and dairy farmers. Those who sing “resist” all day long but still benefit from the Eurobond should shut up

MuWanga umepanda miwa?

Wewe wakanyama ni mijinga kama maiti yako:D

At what cost my friend? Bei ya mafuta and all other necessary/basic commodities?

Makena ako na ovaries zake na mimi niko na makende zangu tatu. So it’s 2 different people carrying 2 different reproductive Organs.:slight_smile:

Kwanza ulipata retirement plan . It’s bad time to look for that kama hujapata. Look for hiyo plan before you defend public thieves

You have a dwarf mind . Who told you specifically those are the only people paying debt? How about someone buying shipped stuff fom china via SGR?Wont mark up price include transportation costs . Think think

My simple economics says a shilling now wont be the same next year. Time value of money. Ebu explain how It’d be cheaper.

Wameharibu Mumias sugar co. Mpaka mzungu alishindwa . Some fellow Luhyas are so myopic