National Bank of Kenya - Senior Managers charged with Fraud

So much damage has already been done to the bank, but it is a good starting point to hold accountable people bringing down big institutions, ideally all corrupt, as well as those fleecing institution ought to be interdicted as soon as some corruption/fraud is detected to help stem the fraud.

The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) has recommended the following former senior managers be prosecuted for swindling the bank.
Munir Sheikh - Former Managing Director, also disqualified from holding a board position for three years
George Jaba - Chief Credit Officer
Chris Kisire - Chief Finance Officer, disqualified for a 3 years
Wycliffe Kivunira - Chief Finance officer
Solomon Alubala - Head of Treasury, disqualified a period of 10 years
Boniface Biko - Director Corporate and Institutional Banking
Dennis Chumbe - Relationship Manager Business Banking

who were their auditors?

badala mtu awekwe ndani 90 years ama death sentence ati DISQUALIFIED , na hao majamaa wameiba billions washafunguwa ma banks and other financial institutions through proxy and 2022 watakuwa elected from MPs to gavanas and become ultra untouchable . then run down again the institutions .

Same old, same old.
No mega thief will ever eat beans in Kamiti.

or worse, ugali cabbage

utaskia fined 300k and lives goes on

wewe unafaa ufungwe ngapi for your small time thieving and sabotage habit at KWFT and Equity.

Kunafaa kukuwa na Hessy Wa Runda afagie hizi mafisi one by one ndio maskini wakizika their young criminals masource wanazika their criminal.

akilipwa na nani?

Since that would be a suicidal mission, atalipwa na TMH. It’s a theoretical thing. I doubt there would be any volunteers

…or worse still, afunguliwe boot

Much worse with your kiererere

cheza shini de skirts

Sad mediocrity. No evidence, eventually will be released

Hii the bad news bringer hawezi leta. It doesn’t meet the threshold ya 'some ****** bankers defraud National Bank’s :D:D:D.

The law is about equity instead of equality. That’s why the rich will always walk. Mtu akiiba 100 million umfine hata 5 million na apee lawyers 5 million kesi inaisha.

Hii bank iko tu na mashida mingi. Insider loans, MD ni kadinya, branch closures etc etc.

The only reason this bank is surviving is because NHIF is a majority shareholder, and it has deep pockets. Hii ingekuwa bank ingine ingekuwa ishafungwa kitambo chase style. Im sure customers did a bank run on NBK and its still afloat coz of the massive deposits za Gover.

By the way hata ma recruit wa NYS huchukulia their stipend through huko

But auditors hawaezi guswa…they report based on info they are given access to by the management. When they are in doubt about the info given, they shield themselves with a disclaimer.

Ndio naulizaga kazi yao ni nini au ni kusema tu “could not be accounted for” na kunawa mikono wale pia? Niliuliza @Okiya akaniambia they audit according to international standards…but who set the standard? In short we are demanding more of the auditor si kutwambia punda ameibiwa year in year out wakati ameenda…eti kazi yangu ilikuwa ku-point out that the donkey has been stolen…