Nation Media becoming gutter

In the story below, they say the fan did not want to be named but at the same time name the fan in the accompanying photo

Brenda Chepkoech, who claims American artiste Chris Brown broke her phone at the Moi International Airport in Mombasa on October 8, 2016, being interviewed by Nation reporters… PHOTO | KEVIN ODIT | NATION MEDIA GROUP

American R&B star Chris Brown broke a fan’s mobile phone when she tried to take a selfie with the singer on his arrival at the Moi International Airport, Mombasa, on Saturday

Speaking to the Nation, the fan, who said she was “deeply disappointed by the artiste’s action,” wondered why Brown, a renowned singer, grabbed her phone and threw it away, landing on the floor.

“I was with my friends and was trying to take a selfie when he grabbed the phone from the back. I was shocked.

"I have a ticket for the show but I won’t attend it. Brown should know that we like his songs but he has to respect his fans,” she said.

“I bought my iPhone 6 last month at Sh90,000 and seeing it being tossed off like a mulika mwizi (a cheap feature phone) was bad.

"Although it is only the screen protector and back cover that broke, I cannot imagine how I would have felt had it been damaged,” added the fan, who said she did not want her name mentioned.

Mr Brown had just landed in Mombasa for his much anticipated show tonight.

A ticket to the show is going for Sh5,000 per person.


The “Loyal” hit singer touched down at the Moi International Airport in Mombasa at around 11.30am.

He arrived in his private jet.

He was escorted to the English Point Marina under heavy security, with both personal and local bodyguards.

His Nigerian counterpart Wizkid was also booked in at the same classic hotel Friday night when he arrived.

Chris Brown widely known as “Breezy” will also share the stage with Tanzanian Bongo flava star Ali Kiba and Ugandan rapper Navio.

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