Nation doing their best to incite.

Yaani 6 police commanders and the only one they could mention is the kikuyu who replaced Yoma.

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It’s called sensational reporting…no problema but still, RWNEBP

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Standard did the same exact thing but ni sawa tumezoea

Naskia pia Chiloba ameenda 3 week leave. At least yake si resignation.

Tangu ule CEO wa standard group achujwe KTN imekuwa na umama mob ya proserikali siku hizi na watch NTV na Citizen .

Ango, kwani momo amekuwekea impossible irreducible minimums?
Usijali. Kojoa ulale.
Momo ni wengi duniani!

isorait injinia

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Ni kitunguu inanukishwa, tulia

Eti nizakufunga nyama na akina Miguna Miguna kwenda kunywa chai


Are you aware that Jimmy Wanjigi was found with “Police number plates ?“ They bought a number of Subarus to arrange a “police “ Raila kidnap on 25th October a day before elections.
Railas stronghold was then to be notified by NASA team and then violence would break out ( death toll of hundreds) and no elections would take place on 26th.
NASA is ready for any eventualities including death to stop the elections.
When you see jubilee not giving a hoot there is more than meets the eye.
We can’t sing a song to a guy with a sword.
Elections must take place on 26th No matter what


Hehe Babuon to kidnap himself and then he resurface after escalating violence. Wacha wakuje