Nation axes Ndii, Civil Society enraged

Nation just axed Ndii’s column


the following rage




David Ndii thinks he can use media space of a company that pledges to be neutral to heavily attack one side of political spectrum? I am surprised he lasted so long. One of the major shareholders kept pushing his removal and now it has come to pass.

The sense of entitlement in the odm camp is way out of this world.

He can still continue his column on other forms of media such as twitter, Facebook. …

aende akikaukanga

He…he…he can petition their colleague judge odunga to reinstate him. This opposition retirement is very broad based.

Yaani sasa hawa watu wa odm hata hawatawai futwa??

They protect those who say what they want to say but can’t say due to donor relations.

Wasn’t he transferred to Mayakos

Yaani from a respected economist to a 3rd rate collumn writer on political nonsense…, kweli tmt syndrome is real

Its a big loss. Hopefully he’ll continue writing elsewhere. Maybe People Daily

He has been issuing injuctions for cases in nyeri from mayakos

Okay…this is my take. If Ndii presented any seditious material for publication, then it should not see the light of the day. However, if he presented an economic view of the county’s economic state then that article ought to be published. We may cheer what NMG has done because our media houses have become useless but let’s not forget that media is there to inform and educate. The government should find a way to accommodate the media and should approach them firmly but courteously…and by firmly I mean very very firmly since Kenyans and by extension Africans sio watu wa kupewa freedom ovyo ovyo.
Even Mutahi Ngunyi should be allowed to offer an opinion in the newspapers. What the media houses need to do is just re-train and re-educate their personnel on how to verify facts so that whatever column is published takes into consideration the fragility of our society.

Well, truth be told, globally, he’s still a very sought after economist. His articles do not diminish his economic ability.

The did the same thing to Mutahi Ngunyi and look at him now. He’s singing the govt tune after a ka-one tender. Yet with Kibaki’s guys, he was persona non grata. Nation did the same thing and they also dropped the bald headed mkamba.

Dont you see any common feature about this ‘civil society’ that is enraged .

just the usual suspects

when you allow your political orientation to guide your scholarly opinion you lose respect.

The mkamba was useless with his fake, rusty crystal ball.

Exactly my point… maajabu