Natafuta windows 7 activators

If anyone akonayo please saidia, msiulize maswali mingi I need the activator not a new OS installation

Niko na windows loader 2.2, but how do i send it?



can you upload it on Google + and copy the link here ?

Windows 7 is nearing retirement.

I presume you mean Google drive? Google haikubali kushare cracks ata ukizip files za crack.

Yeah Google drive, wacha nitafute tu online but most links napata ni corrupted

I prefer windows 7

windows loader works ,magnet link ndio hii

One can still upgrade to windows 10 for free

Problem solved I got the activator, I was dealing with many pc units that why I needed the activator rather than re-installing the OS

I thought the free upgrade iliisha july?

Windows 10 free upgrade for customers who use assistive technologies.

link :

KMS PICO you can find it on torrent sites like 1337, torrenthound etc it activates all windows OS and Office applications.