Natafuta hii

Talkers got a very long hard-copy report nataka owe soft copy I can edit… Staki kutype
Any leads?
Maybe app

Scan na simu or scanner as pdf images, then I think akina adobe acrobat can pick out the text from it

nitumie picha ya iyo hard copy I type for you at understandable price

Plagiarism is also work. Go to a cyber and have the document scanned (or take photos if your phone has a good camera!!) , halafu upload to an OCR conversion service.

good advice but my phone is useless camera iko down sana
Hakuna scanner that can convert to text

Site cannot be reached

Errr scan it first then jaribu Nuance

nimeesema tumia scanner to scan and save it to pdf. na si eti e scanner will convert it to text

Scaned pdfs husumbua sana, lazima scanner iwe very good quality so that you can get all letters recognised as letters

I use ABBy Finereader

is it app ama site

software,kwani unatype na simu ??

Nitro Pro does that…convert texts in scanned docs to editable texts. I use Nitro Pro 9

hii nitro yangu si pro .ulIlipia Ama ni hacked

Scan with your phone. I use camscanner app.
Copy files to comp
Use any OCR software to convert the pdf or image to text.

scan the document using a high quality scanner, alafu open it and then open MS One Note, click Insert alafu screen clipping. After that define the area of the image and then release. Right click on the image and click “Copy Text from Image” Now go to MS Word and paste. Make any corrections that were not copied perfectly and save it.

You can also open MS Note and load the Picture. Right click on it and them click “Copy Text From Image”


try scanning and activate OCR on your Microsoft office

I like that, but why would you walk around with a 'useless ’ phone?

@Chiefkiumbe nimedownloaad Abby works fine but trial version ina expire… Ukona keygen