Natafta Laptop

[li]8GB RAM +[/li][li]Core i5 +[/li][li]12-14"[/li][li]Good graphics card that can handle a few games and can do graphical editting… {But not a gaming laptop coz i have a console}[/li][li]Good battery etc[/li][/ul]
Any suggestions leteni na price with its specs…
NB: not a Macbook!

@syndicate kuya na usitumane

New lenovo g500
Has 2 new batteries-4 hours @least, charger available
processore core i5
ram 8GB
harddisk 1 TB
it has 2 graphics card. on light apps it uses intel 4000 HD graphics and on heavy graphic apps and games it switches to AMD RADEON 8800M… has direct x 12 meaning any game runs smoothly in this machine
price I need just only 50k

Graphics card memory?

Nimegoogle specs zako ni za uongo


Bro, lenovo g500 has different models. there is one which has only a single intel HD 4000 graphics card and has lower specs and there is another model like the one am using it has the above specs that I have mentioned up there. why should I lie to you? you can contact me I send you the photos via whatsap or we meet in an open place you see the laptop if you’re interested.

Don’t touch anything with an AMD GPU unless it is desktop! Go Nvidia. Kwanza hiyo nimeona hapo juu, run! I have had experience with better AMD GPU’s akina R7 M440 na they perform like crap. Hiyo ni worse!

That laptop be old as fuck! Intel HD 4000?! Ni 3rd au 2nd generation!

I agree Nvidia geForce is superior but there are AMD powered machines which are at par with Nvidia powered machines. mine runs smoothly when using graphics demanding apps like Autocad Autodesk, games like fifa 18, pes 2018, gta, COD are also fine. shida ni machine yako labda ram

Machine ni safi sana kwani how old is Direct x 12?
the intel hd graphics aint a gaming card thats why the machine comes with 2 cards so as to switch for graphics demanding apps. ni sawa saka ingine kama hii haikubambi basi

Ebu inbox me more abt it…

Boss, hiyo laptop unatafuta ulipotezea hapa kwa kijiji ama wapi?

Eeeh… Umeiona mahali?

Intel HD 4000 is coupled with 3rd generation CPU’s. That is why you conveniently left out the other details after saying it was an i5. That CPU was last produced by Intel in 2010!?!

That GPU is crap honestly! Why lie? An integrated Intel HD 630 is miles better than that 2010 dedicated GPU! All one needs to do is get a newer laptop to get a HD 630! Or even a HD 520!

No, RAM was 8GB!
Is that laptop a single stick, yes? That is it’s bottleneck. Kuna kitu inaitwa dual channel. It would benefit from two 4GB RAM sticks instead of one 8GB!

Simply running a game is not a benchmark for how a laptop performs in GAMING! It is a matter of the frames per second you get! That GPU cannot get 20fps on low in GTA V. Even the better and improved akina R5 340 na akina r7 m440 don’t hit more than 40fps! Anything below 30fps is pathetic. The ideal is 60fps. That dGPU is from 2010, hakuna venye ina-run GTA V at more than 20fps! Remember, a newer laptop with just an integrated GPU HD 520 will perform better than it!

I hate AMD. I will not watch people unknowingly walk into their clutches! An r7 m440 (2013 GPU) which I have here is supposed to compare with a Nvidia 940M yet it doesn’t even beat the Nvidia 820M from 2011! Fuck AMD!

Ooo, if it was a Ryzen processor, then Hail AMD! But it is not.

Ok wacha story mob leta suggestion yako…

senior caddy niaje?

X360 (Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, SSD 256GB) [ATTACH=full]157437[/ATTACH]